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PRO Pangst February 26, 2009

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Well now that I am a PRO I am learning all about the industry. First big lesson: if no one wants your book after you query them… then shelve it and move on to the next book and query it.


But I think I also need to query the other books again because I am not a great query writer.


This industry is soooooooooo subjective that I thin the key is to query query query them all and then the key is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD and KEEP WRITING THEM THAR BOOKS….

And now back to playing….


Revision Prep February 25, 2009

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I’m already eager to read through my critique partner’s comments for the third book. I can’t wait to chomp into the book again and polish it.

Do I have any high hopes for finaling in the Golden Heart. Nope. Not after the crap contest results I got about one scene in the beginning. Sure, the writing was solid, craft was solid, and the pacing was solid, but the guy comes off like a “rutting deer” to quote one judge.

I’d struggled with that first encounter. It actually was much spicier and I took out all of the racier elements, leaving a kiss only. But apparently, that came across as “sleazy.” DARN IT.

If it weren’t for that, I think I might have finaled.

Oh well. But on the off the chance that my GH judges can look past that issue, I must polish the MSS for the GH before March 31’s deadline.

But that happens next week. This week I play.


Time to Play February 24, 2009

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I am taking a week off of writing to play tourist in my own city with my friend. We’re heading out for a walk, going to see the sights and traveling to other cities near by to explore them.

It’s a well-earned reward and I am truly looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, the book is percolating.

And I am looking forward to revising it!!


Early Morning Musings February 23, 2009

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This morning I drive to Nashville to pick up a friend and have her come spend the week with us. I’m looking forward to the break from intensive writing and from my brain constantly mulling over the story.

Because now my inner editor is screaming to get out and fix the story. And of course, she’s found pleny of holes to plug, dilemmas to solve and issues to iron out.

And she hasn’t even read it! Well, but then the inner critic’s voice has been silenced with duct tape and she’s been pushed into a closet all week. Now she is out and she wants to be heard.

And that is a good thing. Sort of. For now I have removed the bindings and I am listening to her suggestions and her ideas and jotting them down in my story notebook.

It’s a relief to know I don’t have to fix it yet. And the third book needs a go around. A more serious polishing before March 31.

These damn books are never finished. They’re ongoing adventures.

And it suddenly dawned on me this morning that if I plunge back into the first book, ever, it can’t be about a developer for a construction company.

Bloody economy tanking has flushed that idea down the toilet. So seriously back to the drawing board for that first POS.

Oh, the joys of writing. Really.


Considering the Business of Writing February 22, 2009

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I’m already chomping at the bit to revise this book, but I am not starting till after I tinker with the third one. Instead, any ideas that float to me, I am writing down in my notebook, or putting on post-its and transferring over to the notebook when I have time.

I must get my third book tighter, fix some trouble spots, and march it out the door in queries to agents and publishers.

I am targeting BLAZE/HQN, and Ellora’s Cave, Red Sage, and Avon Red to start. And I need to find some more publisers that will accept unagented submissions and queries. It’s so hard. I tried to find out who the editor was for Avon Red, but can’t find a portal into that mysterious knowledge. Argh.

It’s the business side of writing that drives me crazy. I think I was almost grateful for an excuse not to query as it meant I couldn’t be rejected at all last year. I could just write to my heart’s content.

Well, head up out of the sand, quick gander around, and back to the dreaded business of trying to get someone with the power to sell my books to actually READ ONE!! Argh. And that means coming up with a witty query, an eye catching letter that stands out from the slush pile, and a good enough synopsis to get someone to say, oh yes, by all means send the first three chapters! Argh again.

I had entered a lot of contests last year in the hopes that if I finaled I would get an editor to read my work. I managed to get one editor in my Touch of Magic contest final, but it was not to be… boo hoo.

This year I am entering contests because they force me to tighten my writing, and to write the dreaded synopsis — it is like a CURSE for me to compress all my words into 3-5 pages, double spaced. But I will do it.

And I have to wrap my head around all of that in a week.

But for now, I still get to play a bit.


And Now?? February 21, 2009

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I am still flying high about the book being finished. I can’t wait to revise it (after I go back into the third one and tinker with it a bit more and query it). Best of all, I feel very strongly about the main characters. They are good people and I believe my readers will, if given a chance to read about them, connect with the story. I know my personal theme, the thread running throughout all my stories.

Home, love, finding that soft place to fall. I believe in it in a fairy tale way, and I know it can continue to happen in a real way if two people are willing to work very hard at their relationship.

After I finished the 4th book, I found myself imagining these two wonderful people AFTER the happily ever after and I smiled.

They’ll make it to the end of days because they have learned to love what’s inside a person’s outer shell.

Isn’t that what we all want? Acceptance?

And my darling husband. My first hero, who is by far quite worn around the edges after 23 years of marriage but on the inside he’s my Hugh Jackman, celebrated with me last night. He supported me all week with my endeavor. This crazy idea I had that I’d finish a first draft in a week. And that’s when one knows one has a great guy or gal. That’s the person who slogs along with you when you are in the trenches, and then celebrates with you at the local watering hole when you are victorious.

And we drank champagne, ate lovely appetizers, and I got another idea for a new book.

Life is good.


Book in a Week-Day Seven February 20, 2009

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I finished. I wrote over 3,000 words, shifted scenes, and got to the end. And she made me cry. she is a great heroine. And he’s great, too. And I have 60,839 words to play with and revise. As I was showering today, I got more ideas for the ending, but I resisted. I will play with them over the weekend and get stuff jotted down.


Happy Dance!!!!

And I learned a very important thing: NEVER give your first draft up to anyone till it IS WRITTEN AND COMPLETED, HOWEVER SHITTY IT IS. NEVER!!

I didn’t have the teary moment when I finished number 3… I lost control over the CORE of the story before I finished it.


Any other time, yeah, read on. Critique on. Tell me how to improve it… bring it on during the revisions…

And now I am having my glass of wine and celebrating!!