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Dreaded Chapter 13–Events Driving Me to Distraction May 29, 2009

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I wanted to write on Thursday, but didn’t. Too much going on. My dear friends from VA were coming into town for a quick overnight visit. I originally thought they were coming on Friday night sooooooooo…….. figured I would get things together in the afternoon after I wrote my requisite minimum hour during hectic times.

But when I woke up, I opened an email from my friend. They had left VA at 4:30AM their time. Yikes! Quickly, I gathered my wits and zoomed through the upstairs to get it ready for a family of four. Pumped up the Queen Air Mattress, and the two twins. Made the beds, cleaned the bathroom, and dusted the rest of the room (did I gripe a few days ago about my DH being underfoot? I take it all back–he totally helped me get the room together!).
Many droplets of sweat later, I took a much needed shower. Well, maybe now, I thought, I’d write. Nope. Eye Doctor called — darling daughter’s contacts in. Off we went to the eye doctor at 12PM to see if the left eye contact was correct. An hour later, we were assured she had 20/20 vision and away we went. 
Meanwhile, I get a call. The friends are about an hour away. Great. I had already promised my darling daughter she could visit with her friends till 6PM. But when was I to drop her by her friend’s house? 
Mad texting occurred over the course of several achingly LONG minutes. Why do these kids not TALK on their phones? I have the answer: no minutes left to speak. Apparently texting is unlimited so we are handcuffed by the teens’ loquaciousness about one day into their cell phone bill.
We are informed we have a bit of time. Off we drive to my pharmacist to get progesterone (because I have the hormone levels of a 70 year old post-menopausal woman), and then to the party store to get a bouquet of balloons to welcome my neighbor’s new baby girl home. Woohoo! Apparently she has the hormone levels of a much younger woman (she’s 40).
Home we go. Eat lunch. Watch BONES on DVD. Await call about the daughter drop. Daughter drop call arrives. We leave. I with grocery list in hand. Drop daughter, go to grocery store, buy dinner items, home to unload items, and start marinade just before our friends arrive.
Mad, quick, wonderful visit with friends. Wine, food, talk, play with girls, set up alarms, plan their return on the way back.
I tumbled into bed at 11PM. At 4:20AM, I hear my poor decrepit aged cat yowling at the top of her lungs. Dear Lord.  I bounce out of bed, hair in a tangled mess, and step out to hallway leading to the garage. Dear friends are loading their van, poor cat incredibly confused (heck, my GF is blond as well), and they are profusely apologetic. 
No need to apologize say I. Silly cat would wake me up anyway. Off they go. I turn out the lights and crawl back into bed with purring old cat. 
Wake up. Take darling daughter to hair appointment with computer and revision pages in tow. DD’s daughter takes 3.5 hours. I write almost as long. Chapter 13 almost finished. I think it is crap, but at least this crap is moving along. As we are paying for hair (don’t ask how much), DD is arranging movie ticket to see UP. I bring her home, print out the tickets, turn around, drive her to the theater, then off to the bank, and then home. Shower (finally!) and now I am too tired to write another dang word (at least a creative one in which all my plot and character problems flow with ease).

Potholes and Grammar Gremlins May 27, 2009

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I’m edging ever so close to the finish line, but I am bogged down with grammar gremlins. I keep questioning my verb tenses. I sent off two scenes to my CP and she changed a lot of my past tense verbs from “had created” to “created” and now I am mightily self confused. I’m sure it’s cause my brain hurts. Might be a sinus infection or could just be too much information.

Yup, the PRO loop has tons of grammar info floating around it about “ing” words and more. Now I am worried about all my “ing” sentences (not even going to go into detail there). Will fix in line edit.
Meanwhile, I chug on. I am finished chapter twelve’s revision (for now). I am heading into the black moments and to add to my angst, I have overnight guests arriving tomorrow PM. That means I will have to park my writing cap earlier and, as I don’t want to blow a gasket, I will take my time going through this crucial chapter. 
Is it a coincidence that my Black Moment chapter is CHAPTER THIRTEEN????? Yikes!
I’ve fiddled with the first 9 chapters a lot. Now I feel I must finish revising the rest of the book and then I’ll go through the last 8 chapters again–read through and revisit via edits. I’m close to resolving some of my personal problems with the story. I hope I get them fixed (for now-to where I feel better about pitching it) soon. 
I have 5 more chapters. I’m giving myself 7 writing days to finish them. That’s fair.
Oh, I want to finish sooooooooooo bad. 
But I feel the need for a bit of a slow down. My brain hurts. It needs a break. I am going to treat it to a dinner and a movie with the family today. 

Man Underfoot! May 26, 2009

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I have had a wonderful weekend with my friends as they celebrate their only child’s graduation from High School. Good times were had by all. Now it is time to get back in the saddle and write.

Only one problem: darling husband had to burn two weeks of vacation or lose them by May 3oth. He was fine last week. Only interrupted me a few times (hello? I am NOT on vacation–I’ll never make money writing if I don’t keep writing).  But now that week two has rolled around, he’s becoming grumpy. 
He wants company. 
I am not giving up my writing time. Or am I? I ended up taking time off to investigate two gyms with him — and then it was back to work after mollifying him. 
I hope that’s the extent of my duties. 
Meanwhile, finished revising chapter 11 (I have no idea how). Not entirely pleased, but made a note on my pages to go back in AFTER I get to the end of the doc.
*sigh* so many problems, so little time.
And school lets out soon–company will start descending upon our household–and I’ll be trading my writing cap for my hostess cap regularly.  

Taking Time Off May 24, 2009

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This weekend one of the first friends I made in the USA is celebrating her only child’s graduation from HS. Wow! We knew each other before children, before many moves, before life happened and more. For a time, we were unable to see each other due to busy lives and lack of proximity. But a recent move back to the South, has given us a new opportunity to rekindle our friendship. 

Our husbands get along beautifully and our children (my daughter and her son) have grown beyond the *ooh that baby is so annoying to me* stage to genuinely liking each other. Last night we attended his graduation party. The Weather Gods were kind and rain didn’t fall on us during the outdoor event. It was a wonderful celebration of a passage into a new life.
My DH said it was like stepping into a time machine as we hadn’t been able to visit them more than twice while we were in DC for the 9 years we lived in the Nation’s Cap. Well, now all the friends are older, her father is slowed by stroke, nieces and nephews are ready to bolt into the world as well, and we’re all a little chubbier and a whole lot more responsible than we were back in the day.
We reminisced, we sang, we danced (live band), we ate, we drank wine, we watched a montage of the grad’s life. We celebrated!
My husband and I, my friend and her husband–we are transitioning into a quieter time and approaching the twilight of our lives. But our children, they are ready to embrace the very exciting beginning of their future! Their suns are at the zenith. Anything is possible–yes anything even in this day of economic turmoil, war, and looming reports of global warming. 
I am optimistic for them. For when we started out on our journeys, we were dealing with recession, inflation, wars, and looming reports of global COOLING! 
We survived. We thrived. But we are no longer cocky about why we are still standing. For in the memories we share we know of lost souls due to alcoholism & drug abuse, and of departed loved ones due to accident or disease through no fault of their own, and we know that we are the lucky ones. 
Yes we worked hard, but we have also had our own share of troubles and bad times.  But we celebrate each victory, large or small because we appreciate the sheer power of the universe in our blessings. 
And we know when we wake up each and every morning, we have the divine opportunity to choose how we live during that day. Will we strive to make our world a better place and still shoot for the moon? Will we strive to be a blessing and an encouragement to others? Will we strive to give thanks for all we have? And will we strive to be happy and optimistic and hopeful even in our darkest hours?
We may not always succeed perfectly, but it is in our striving to land in on the moon that we continue fly among the stars.

Nurturing My Writing Voice May 23, 2009

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I am in the midst of my revision for book 3. I feel like I’ve been dealing with these people FOREVER. But with each new revision or change, I find I like the book more and more. 

Part of this is the discovery of CRAFT and learning to polish my writing. Another part is taking the Book in a Week class which helped me rediscover HOW I DEVELOP my story. My unique way of getting into my characters’ heads.  And the final part of this is through reading some amazing new books published by fellow writers I respect and admire. There, sometimes, the “rules” of CRAFT  and CONTEST are blurred because the STORY is the key. 
I only read other books at night, or when I am on vacation, right before beddie-bye. If I read them during the day, I will lose precious writing time. Right now I am on a mission! I must finish the next seven chapters (THE LAST SEVEN) in revision in 7 allotted writing days. Then I get to dive into my fourth novel and play around with those wonderful people (who are starting to get very impatient with my constant dabbling with book 3).
The flow of the words in the books I read has infiltrated my own writing; not as an exact duplication, but in the idea of how my characters think, act, talk to themselves, and face the world. In that world, overused words are, well, allowed, and echoes can occur, and “ly” words exist, and “was” isn’t a demon word. 
Thus my inner critic is silenced to allow my people to become who they are: internally. 
Love that feeling.
And the writing is tighter. No doubt about it. The weaving in and out of elements is more precise. I like the new flow. Will it appeal to an editor or an agent? I don’t know. But I do know it appeals to the deeper part in me who enjoys reading a well-crafted romance with a fabulous hero, though flawed, and an independent heroine who’s itching for a bit of subduing. 
It’s like first draft writing but it’s a tighter blend of writing for self, writing for the reader or critique group, and writing for the editor who might one day request it and then accept it with the codicil: more revision required.
I’m determined to move forward with this book. I want to pitch it at the conference. I am ready to try to sell the work. If no one asks for it, well I’ll try elsewhere via queries. Then I will lovingly set it aside and use what I’ve learned by writing it in all my future novels as well as in other revisions. 
This is why I love to write. It challenges me, it changes me, and it moves me beyond preset boundaries. 
And I’ve learned that is quite all right to be a “delusional masochist” while pursuing this grand obsession.

Dreaded Chapter 10

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First of all, this probably used to be chapter 16 or 17 cause I had 22 chapters with only 2 scenes per chapter. *laugh later please*

But I redid it all (okay for contest purposes and editor submission purposes) and now I have 17 chapters. Which means I hit chapter ten today… at scene 24 or something like that (or was it scene 26?). Arrrghhh… not happy … I’ve been hitting a chapter a day in about 3 hours or less.
Not today.
I hit it in 6 HOURS! 
And guess what? The first scene took 4 hours to revise…. argh again.
But now I am done. 
My DH is getting tired of me whining about my chapter goal. He pointed out weather cloud formations today to take my mind off of it. Then when that didn’t succeed, he drove me around town and showed me tornado damage. Major damage to trees and houses. I felt bad for the victims and the trees, really I did. But I wasn’t totally focused.
You see I was obsessed with figuring out how many writing days I had to reach the end of this journey… praying I would not deal with a direct tornado hit in the meantime.

Good Day AV Man May 22, 2009

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Wrote today–during constant interruptions. Audio Insight was here blaring stereo for DH and he also bothered me all morning… man under foot! argh.

Now I wonder how did I write at all? 
But I did!
Chapter done!
Only 8 more to go!!!!!!
God I want to be finished so bad.