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Book in a Week-Day Six February 20, 2009

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Well I managed to write 7396 words today and I am very pleased with the direction the story is going. It’s traveling in a slightly new direction,but I kept plowing forward and was determined to worry about fixing it later. Now my last third of the book has a lot of highlighted passages, scenes that will need to get shuffled around (notes in the comments section and in all bold all over the place), certain bits are already cut and pasted into the comments section.

I knew I had to stop writing when I neared theclimax/I’ve got the romantic black moments written down/fragmented at times,but I know where I am going with them/and I have a good feeling about theending. Part of the reason I stopped was that I felt myself rushing. I tend to dothat with my books. I RACE to the end and I don’t give my muse time to mullthings over. I need mull time, so I am giving it to myself.I have discovered that my stories are revealed to me in vignettes andcharacter thoughts/motives. It’s figuring out where they all fit that Ibelieve is my challenge. I plotted out the story, based on my scene cards,but a lot of new scenes have popped out and inserted themselves into thestory and I know I will be shifting things around. I tend to write dialogue, I like writing a scene by starting withtransitions into it (yeah, I know those will be tightened LOL), a lot of thoughts in the characters’ head, and certain scenes have more description than others. I guess I am a smorgasbord writer. Or I write, like I cook. Ihave a recipe, I know the ingredients, I know what the end will taste like, and if I ‘m missing something, I improvise with the spices. Now I know I have to go in and change my hero’s job, but that’s okay.
It makes the story so much better.


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