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The Golden Heart has been Mailed!! November 25, 2008

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I feel like I have crawled out of a cave today!! I mailed the whole kit and kaboodle out this morning. Now I won ‘t hear anything at all till the New Year. I might hear about finaling (haha as if) by March. But I do have 55 pages of the best writing possible to use for other contests and that is amazing. And, I have a great synopsis that I can work from for the completion of the revisions. I am SO HAPPY.

I learned a lot about myself as a writer and about my family, too. They’ve been so supportive of me while I’ve slogged away at the crazy work of revising miniscule details AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. I couldn’t ask for better support.

Now I get to play for a bit–actually clean house for company–but I am planning to send the first 25 pages via email to the Linda Howard Award of Excellence this afternoon after I clean house and shower.

Tomorrow I plan a 100 words and I begin moving forward.

Thursday–I am OFF.

Friday-100 words

Saturday-100 words

Sunday-100 words

And then a new week begins and I will be ready to get moving forward on the MS.

And now to the cleaning….


The Final Push November 24, 2008

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*enter line edits for Golden Heart “gold” pages
*finish tweaking rest of the MS
*line edit GH synopsis
*call RWA to confirm all formatting questions
*format entry for disk and pages
*print out all pages
*copy entry 6 times
*mail to GH with tracking ability

Then I get to reward myself by cleaning house for the guests arriving tomorrow.



Line Edits–Nothing More November 23, 2008

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I have 45 pages of manuscript to read through as well as a snyopsis. The synopsis is my least favorite thing to write and read because it’s not even the original storyline (although close enough). The 45 pages are DONE except for missing words, occasional echoes, and slight changes. No more major revisions. I simply don’t have time.

And speaking of time, I also have to shop for my entire Thanksgiving week–food for guests arriving Tuesday– life supplies. I’m heading to the grocery store today, reading through my POS/Synopsis afteward, and then I am taking my daughter to see Twilight. Somehow a week’s worth of laundry will mysteriously become clean today as well.

Tomorrow, cleaning house, finalizing the disk for the rest of the MS and copying/mailing it in are on my task lists. Ah!!!

And I am entering another contest, just for the heck of it. A Harlequin editor is juding the entries for that one so I’ve decided, why not?

Holidays and visitors are a major, but very welcome, distraction to my writing madness.


A Day to Regroup November 22, 2008

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I need to let the work I completed sit for a day before I tackle the final edits. It’s a chopped up day–a show in the afternoon, catching up on laundry, and dinner out this evening. We’re getting ready to host a family of four and another friend for 4 days, so I must start wrapping my brain around that visit.

However, today I will make a list of the work I need to do tomorrow and print out my synopsis so I am ready to start without delay. That’s my half an hour commitment.



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Well I worked my tushie off today. I wrote, amidst crawlspace workers banging and their music playing, from 8:30-5:30 with only an hour break. Don’t feel ready to send the GH in yet, but feel very close… a moment of guilt hit, but a friend, non-writer, encouraged me. And then my hubby did and my daughter and other friends. So I will press on.

One thing I’ve learned: I have tenacity!


A Big Day! November 21, 2008

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The write-in was successful for me. I worked on my Golden Heart entry diligently, with no email or internet breaks, the entire day. 9 hours! I accomplished the following:

*wrote the missing scene–had to turn off the internal editor several times
*finished the rest of the “gold” pages
*printed the “gold”
*read aloud the “gold” and discovered much brass in editing
*formlated a plan for transforming the brass into gold.

I had planned to continue editing tonight, but I am fried. Instead I am harvesting reactions and figuring out where to insert them in the next revision.

Mini-write in tomorrow continues.


My Personal Write-In November 20, 2008

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The Writing Playground Blog discussed having write-ins with other writers. I LOVE the idea, but I don’t know anyone to invite to a session. And I am so new here, I am out of the loop for invites to these kind of events.

I am bogged down and need to finish the “golden” part of my GH entry. I decided to clear the decks today and tomorrow. I am having a Personal Write-In for myself. I will follow all the time rules for the entire day and work diligently from 8AM-4PM. I also asked my family to leave me alone afterward. I will throw a sandwich out or heat up leftovers, but I am NOT cooking a fancy foo foo meal or driving anyone to dance, stores, or hair appointments.

I plan to post my results tomorrow morning and again tomorrow night.

I am posting my day’s results tomorrow morning.