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Play and Write and Play and Write January 30, 2009

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I always take about a week off of writing when I finish a major project. Then I hit it again hard. This week, I’ve played a lot, but I have also done a bit of work on the new course. Now I am itching to have my routine going so I can get going on the course and be ready for BIAW. But it’s good to have time off, too. It lets my mind rest. And it starts my brain pumping in an organic way toward the next writing adventure.

Today I went to Nashville to shop at Trader Joe’s with a new friend. She is writing, but not sure if that is for her. I think she could be a writer–and published–but I’m always encouraging people to try new things. And I am so organized, that the work of writing is easier in some ways because I always have a plan. Not all writers have a plan. And they don’t need it. I do.

I’m anxious to get rolling on my writing schedule again. I want to produce. I am itchy to produce. But taking time off to play, shop, eat lunch, go for a ladies’ night, hang with my family, and clean house is important to me. It readies me. It steadies me. And it feeds my mind.


Index Cards and Indignities

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First of all, indignities:

1) I have written for 5 years now — and during a move. Someone asked me after a ladies’ night, “have you written a book” when I said I was a writer. I reply: yes, 3 of them. She replies with a “why aren’t you published? What are you doing to get published??” Hello? What a rude bunch of questions!  How does one even answer those questions to non-writers?  I just say, I will publish one day.

2) I hunt down all my rejections over the past 5 years, call RWA Offices to ask which rejection is best to include in my PRO Pin applicaton. Now think about that? Which rejection? And to top it off, in my blabbering, I say, “I can’t believe I lost the really good one I had from Silhouette Publishing in the move!” A personal indignity the day before little Miss PhD who is stuck at home with three kids and miserable had the audacity to deal me out the first indignity listed.

Second: Index Cards

1) I like them–I like toting them around with me. I like writing down my scenes and characters on tiny pieces of paper.

2) I also like post its– I have them in my bathroom now for when I am inspired during the shower. Now I don’t run half naked through the house to find a postit and pen to write an idea down if I am in the middle of getting ready for my day (another strange indignity).

3) I need more.

4) I think I should color code them.

5) I think I am in love with index cards and what they mean to me: they mean I am busy getting ready to write my FOURTH book. Let’s see what miss PhD has to say about that one!

Ah, I feel better now. And even better than that, maybe I believe I will get published. I don’t have control over the industry, but I do have control over my index cards!


Letting Ideas Percolate and Cook January 28, 2009

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Well I am excited about the new course because it’s giving me time to float with my new ideas, come up with random thoughts, and just mess around with the theme. I am curious if I will be able to muster up a 50,000 word story in a week… probably but it won’t be grammatically correct! I worry about grammar after the story is written down.

Last night I heard about another course I might want to take, Story Magicians. I believe it might take me to the next level of my writing. And yesterday I learned that I am, if not published, definitely a writer. I have finished 3 books! And I am actively pursuing writing my fourth book idea. I have the qualities necessary to write and finish a book. Now I just need to get it published, and I am not there yet. But that no longer matters to me. I don’t have control over the whims of the publishing industry or contest judges. I only have control over what I do.

April Kihlstrom’s course is really good for me in determining that I will always write. And one day, given the right circumstances, I will publish a book. Then the rest will fall into place.

Today I have written down random thoughts floating in my head regarding book 4. I have read blogs I follow, and I have blogged. Now I await my course work. Meanwhile, working out and cleaning are the order for the day.

I am proud that I blog almost every day. No one reads it, but I feel good about writing it. Gets me in the mood to keep up the real writing I do every day.


Another Free Day January 27, 2009

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Well this is so much fun! I actually had time to hunt down my info for the PRO pin so I got that taken care of today. I registered from the RWA Conference today as well. I am so very excited. It’ll be July 15-18… can’t wait to soak in the atmosphere!!

Best of all — it is FOR ME. What a wonderful reward to give myself for all my hard work these past few months. And I know I will be working super hard in the months that lay ahead of me.

For now, I am rather enjoying the easy assignments, letting my brain rest and be organic with the BIAW course I am taking. I haven’t got a lot to write about other than my heroine and a seedling of an idea, but I feel I will be more ready to write about her and him and the story in 3 weeks.

Today we did an assignment where we listed strengths, successes, and 20-30 things that make us smile.

I realized I am persistent, focused, and organized–self-discipline is my middle name. I believe I have what it takes to write and finish a book after writing and finishing three of them. Now I have to believe, based on the success of my hard work in the past, that I will sell one. It’s a matter of WHEN, not if, for me.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to call friends long-distance and catch up on much needed household chores.


Wow, An Open Vast Space of Time–Sort of… January 26, 2009

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I am waiting to get my first BIAW lessons. While I wait, I have time to fritz around the house, get some chores done that I put off until this week due to the writing push of the past month, and to visit in the days ahead with new friends. Kind of nice. But at the same time, blah. Need my assignment.

I’ve been putting off PRO Application and RWA Conference registration, so I am doing that this week. Today! I promise myself to get my rear in gear and do those two things if nothing else.


Free Day Again January 25, 2009

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Wow, it was so much fun just piddling in the stores yesterday and not feeling like I had to put an hour in for the book. I also took time to pamper myself, doing my roots and giving myself a manicure. And I bought 3 new books to read. All rewards for a job well-done.

Today I am filling in my PRO Application, getting it ready to mail it out tomorrow, and I am registering for the RWA conference tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to go in July. And I’ll be doing something I want to do with MY writing friends. Wahoo.

Today is also a day filled with teens, homework, and a dinner at a friend’s house. I am looking forward to kicking back and relaxing.

Tomorrow, BIAW starts!!! Starting to get anxious.


A Free Day January 24, 2009

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So I have a break from writing–for the weekend. I guess. I found myself pondering how to add about 10,000 words to the third draft. A scene here and there as well as stretching some out. I guess I’ll never be “finished” at all. But I do need to let this book simmer a bit on the backburner so I can come back to it with a fresh eye.

Meanwhile, I am also mulling over my next book idea. I’m wondering if it’s strong enough, funny enough and compelling enough a story. But I won’t know till I start fleshing it out.

I am filling out the PRO application and signing up for RWA Conference this weekend. And I am also doing stuff around the house that I’ve let slide for weeks now. I just need to play a little.