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Top Five Reasons Not to Make My Beds November 29, 2010

We are generally a neat and tidy family. Wait. No, that’s me. The other two humans living here aren’t uber neat and tidy, but they are in training. One has been in training for YEARS. The two felines in our house are relatively neat and tidy unless Madam Mischief is stalking socks and dropping them in the hallway, stairwell or in front of Darling Husband’s office door. Dowager Feline Clancy is infinitely neat and tidy being that she is a Duchess of Extraordinary Good Sense.

Yes, I am that person who gets up, makes the bed, unloads the dishwasher and reloads it, wipes the counters, sweeps the floors and straightens up clutter. I am notorious for straightening up other people’s clutter which they think is perfectly fine right where it is till I “lose” it for them. Ha.

But there are days that even I don’t want to make the bed.

Top 5 Reasons I Don’t Make the Bed

#5 Another human is sleeping in it and in my way.
#4 Darling Daughter interrupts my routine with a carpool request.
#3 It’s Sunday and that’s a day of rest.
#2 Sheer rebellion which forces other human to make it for me.
And the #1 Reason?
Cats Curled Up in the Coverlet Nest!
Madam Mischief guards Dowager Feline Clancy.

DFC is an equal opportunity nester in my Darling Teen’s bed.

Could you disturb her? Not me!

Ober Gatlinburg, Mountains & Where Do I Eat Lunch? October 8, 2010

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I’m in Tennessee with my darling teen. We’ve slept in because we’re catching up on the hours we’ve lost while caring for the Dowager Feline Clancy. Her sister feline, Mischief, is guarding Clancy while we are on our mini trip to Tennessee. And we have a wonderful neighbor and sister cat lover taking extra care of our feline.

Ah, sleep. A glorious thing I have missed.
But we can’t spend our entire day locked in the Hilton. Much as I love the free Internet and the stolen writing time, I am here to see some sights and find the penultimate (I just wanted to use that word) place for a late lunch/early dinner. 
After we spruce up, we’re driving up to the Smoky Mountains. We’ll battle other color seeking tourists, stop in Gatlinburg for lunch and more sight seeing, then head back to Knoxville to meet the man who made all this exploring possible. 
So computer OFF. Shower now. Pictures later! 
And if someone wants to look up the word penultimate for me and post the definition, even better. Once again I confess: I write by committee.