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Black Friday Bail Out–Today’s Motivational Post is Blacked Out by Shopping Frenzy November 26, 2010

There’s a little tradition in the United States called BLACK FRIDAY. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, millions of Americans get up super early and go shopping for amazing deals at their favorite retailers. Why do they get up early, brave the cold, bump against the burgeoning crowds to shop for deals when they could be sleeping? Well, the deals are pretty danged amazing.

Confession: When Darling Teen was a lot younger, I’d take advantage of the sales for Christmas shopping. Later I used the deals to buy my required black tie event dress at a super discounted price. Trust me, there is nothing quite like trying on a formal gown when you look like death in a skillet and you’re one cup of coffee away from a caffeine from a compulsory trip to the ladies room located at the opposite side of the department store.

I gave up BLACK FRIDAY five years ago. I started shopping online. I no longer needed the sales. Often times, most of the stuff is just that. Stuff. And it’s stuff we don’t need or want. But my Darling Husband and Darling Teen have taken up my BLACK FRIDAY mantle. Every year they get up and make a strategic plan and, armed with my meager list of two or three things, they go shopping for my Christmas presents. It’s quite cute. And they have a great time. But honestly, I usually don’t have much to put on the list. It’s not about the list, it’s about the companionship they have and the relationship they build while they are shopping that counts.

Confession: They don’t get up early. They leave when they are ready. And they have learned that if there is an ALABAMA or AUBURN game on Black Friday, they will have zip to battle in the crowding department.

And what do I do while they are gone? I start getting ready for decorating for Christmas. Down come all the autumn colors and back into the attic the various items go. Then I clean–dust the surfaces that haven’t been dusted in a while hehe– then I start putting up the easier decorations. We save the tree for the family to decorate together.

Confession: Every year we have an annual argument about the placement of my Darling Husband’s beloved “chair” which is strategically placed to watch the flat screen television. This place is right where the tree must go. It’s never pretty. There is also the musical dance of the furniture which must be endured. No. We are not a Norman Rockwell painting when it comes to the positioning of the tree.

Usually we eat leftovers that night. But this year we may not have many, so we might just have pizza or a store bought Stouffer’s Lasagna. This is our calm before the tree positioning argument. We have a laugh or three, drink a bit of wine (or a lot), watch a few movies, and hang out.

The best part about bailing out of BLACK FRIDAY? Sleeping in!

Do you shop on BLACK FRIDAY? What’s the best deal you ever got? And if you bail out of shopping, what do you do instead?