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HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Song :-) November 25, 2010

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4 Responses to “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Song :-)”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Christine! Hope your day is fun and healing. Thanks for the Adam Sandler video. Now, if we only had his money, right?Me? Today, I'm doing solo duty at the echo-empty blood center, bacterial sampling, filtering, and delivering needed blood to our far-flung hospitals, giving ill patients something to be thankful for, right?Thanks for dropping by my blog – I wish you success in your publishing dreams, Roland

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Christine!!!!

  3. Christine Says:

    Hi Roland: I enjoy reading your blog. You inspire me to continue going for the brass ring despite the odds.Hope your day at the echo empty blood center isn't totally dull.Sending you virtual pecan apple pie.:-)

  4. Christine Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Wendy!! I'm so thankful for my friendship with you.Have a great day!!:-)

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