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How to Remain BICHOK in Uncertain Times August 11, 2010

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You can read all about it on Romance Magicians!


6 Responses to “How to Remain BICHOK in Uncertain Times”

  1. I'm going there for sure!

  2. Christine Says:

    Thanks Jennifer!

  3. Wendy Marcus Says:

    But in chair hands on keys. Cute! I need crazy glue and a rope!

  4. Hey hon!O.K., it's been ages since I've been here…forgive me? Like you trying hard to get a book out and sold.But I've been thinking of you a lot of late and found a moment to drop on by.Girl, you've been missed!Big hugsHawk

  5. Christine Says:

    Hi Hawk: I almost e'd you yesterday. That's odd and strangely cool. It was my anniversary–I have been busy trying to get a book revised for a submission. That's why I've been AWOL from the blog world. But I plan to get back into gear soon. 🙂

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