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Road Trip Reminiscing July 9, 2010

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Ah, my travels are almost coming to an end. And, as much as I love to be on the road, this chick’s quite ready to return to her home in Alabama where she’ll reunite with DH, her DD’s cat and the venerable Dowager Feline Clancy (who is driving DH crazy with her wet cat food demands). But oh, it’s been an amazing 18 days on the road.


*Charlottesville, VA where we visited UVA, Monticello and my first VA winery: the Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson–what I’d give to sit down and chat with him while drinking some of his wine, which he had hoisted up to the dining room in Monticello on a unique dumb waiter invented to hold one bottle at a time. That’s my kind of guy 🙂
*food, glorious food! OMG, for this chick having gourmet and amazing meals throughout her trip was a treat. I’m allergic to shellfish, so the typical “steak and seafood” offerings in my Northern AL city con’t excite me unless there’s an ER involved at the end of the meal. French, continental, and Lebanese topped the list.
*wine, fabulous wine! I managed to go to 4 different wineries while I was in Northern VA. My inner lush is filled to the brim.
*friends! Oh, it was so wonderful to see my good friends again. Cooking with them, breaking bread, talking, laughing, enjoying, and squeezing lemonade every day out of each precious moment.
*DC! The blog barely touched up on how in love I am with this city. If you have never been to the Nation’s Capitol, I encourage you to visit it one day!
*playing with my friend’s two young children. The world doesn’t seem as overwhelming or scary as it is depicted in the news when one is enjoying a pretend dinner and movie with a 6 year old or when one is looking for fairies with a 4 year old. Children are hope. Children are magical.
*Princeton! Wow, what an amazing campus and area. We enjoyed our tour and counting blonds while in the historic city’s quaint Nassau Street region. There were not many blonds–we turned quite a few heads while we were there.
*NYC–yup, hopped a train in Jersey and rode into the city for a wild day and evening after our tour of Princeton. We caught an amazing Broadway Show, IN THE HEIGHTS, and were swept up in the sheer crazy busy streets of NYC afterward. What a pulse!!
*my gorgeous traveling companion, DD. Always fun to hit the road with her regardless of her age. She’s a wonderful companion, friend and explorer. Once I traveled with stickers and pop beads and all sorts of toys to entertain a baby, a toddler, an elementary school child. Now I travel with a young lady who is poised on the brink of adulthood, ready to grab HER LIFE and soar into her future.

Some people never venture beyond the tried and true. I’m not one of those people. Sure, it’s a bit nerve wracking figuring out new train systems or roads, but the final outcome is worth the risk. We had an adventure!

What’s your latest adventure?


4 Responses to “Road Trip Reminiscing”

  1. MaryC Says:

    Hey Christine,My latest adventures are all in my head *g* but after the hectic school year, that's a great place to hang. I get to go to Maine at the end of the summer (DD is doing an internship as Asst Stage Mgr at a Regional Theater there) so that's something to look forward to. Do lobsters count in your shellfish allergy? I'd hate to miss out on my Maine lobsters to end the summer.I've enjoyed your On the Road blogs.

  2. Ann Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, filled with sites, good wine, delicious food and of course wonderful company. But as they say all good things must come to an end. Safe journey home!

  3. Christine Says:

    MaryC: How fun to go to Maine and see your DD! I love her internship role–my DD loves the theater and is actively involved in all aspects of it. Great to go some place different and share with your daughter.And yes, unfortunately, I am very allergic to lobster 😦 I discovered it when I was 37 after eating some lobster –but I make up for it with all my other fun eating expeditions. My belly and thighs are a testimony to my indulges 😉

  4. Christine Says:

    Hi Ann: Yes, all good things must come to an end. We had a fabulous vacation, but I am super ready to get home. Today's drive was grueling. One more day to go!! Then it's time to do laundry 🙂

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