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A Great Southern Magic Chapter Event on June 26, 2010 June 3, 2010

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Southern Magic’s June 26 Meeting 

Angela James with Carina Press will be at the Southern Magic June 26 meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. As a member of Alabama’s Southern Magic Romance Writing Chapter. I try to attend as many of the meetings as I can despite living an hour and a half away from Birmingham. First of all, I love catching up with  my friends and I love learning about the writing world through their fabulous programs.

However, I can’t attend June 26’s meeting even though I had planned to attend due to a travel conflict–darling daughter is touring colleges and I am her chauffeur. But I really really really wanted to attend and I believe that if you are in the Birmingham area and can make it to the Southern Magic meeting, member or not, you might want to as well. 

Why? Because even if you never plan to be published by an E-Publisher, you might learn that this is a viable option for you as a writer. Yes, we’ll always have paperback and hardback books. But those are getting more expensive each year and electronics (expensive on their own) will become more popular. 

E Publishing is part of our writing future. I know I need to find out everything I can about it to be prepared for this future. And I must confess, I actually tried to persuade my daughter (okay, I BEGGED) to wait one more week to head north because I desperately wanted to attend this meeting.

But I didn’t convince her and I don’t blame her–part of the caveat of this trip is to head north to see her best friend in Virginia. I promised her we’d find a way to get her and her BFF together despite moving her to Alabama and I’ve kept that promise. Yes, I chose motherhood over writing life because I don’t get to do any revisions if I mess up in the mothering department. Promises made are promises kept (tho’ I did stoop to begging, she and I knew that I’d miss that meeting).

So please go to this meeting for me! Take copious notes if you attend–share them with me. 

This is me, shamelessly begging again….


2 Responses to “A Great Southern Magic Chapter Event on June 26, 2010”

  1. Ann Says:

    Wish I could go to the meeting for you, but I couldn't take another transatlantic flight. I am still none the better from last week. What a good Mom, and you know you are right, there are no rewrites. This is it. You only get the one time around. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Christine Says:

    Thank you Ann. We will have a great time. At times I can't believe I have a rising Junior when it seems like just yesterday she was starting her first day of Kindergarten. When she graduated from 6th grade, someone said "the next 6 years will zoom." And they are zooming just as she predicted. She's a lovely young lady–she did my new blog design for me! I have two or three friends going to the meeting. I truly wish I could be there, but they will take copious notes.Have a happy writing day!:-)

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