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Squeezing the Last Drops Out of Our Break January 3, 2010

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Today I piddled around and did a whole lot of nothing. It felt wonderful after my busy New Year’s Day.
Yesterday I had clarified my goals, made sure all my Linda Howard Finalists got their calls, and I had friends over for my annual New Year’s Day Chili (which is totally amazing and awesome if I do say so myself *grin*). We all stayed up and chatted till about 11PM. Much vino was consumed, my girlfriend and I chatted about our writing while the men discussed guns and ammo (seriously), and the three girls played tons of Wii games upstairs.

Hard to say goodnight.

Harder to wake up this morning.

But my DH and I had a lovely drive to see some stuff in Tennessee, we returned to chill with our DD and now DH and I are hunkered in for the night while DD is off to a final holiday sleepover at a friend’s.

I treasure this do-nothing day. I am enjoying fiddling with puzzles (yeah, the 1500 piece puzzle is COMPLETED), answering emails, watching mindless TV and reading one of my favorite author’s books. I have cat on lap, wine poured and a good feeling of general happiness cloaked around my heart.

For this year starts off so well despite many of the hurdles we’ll jump through as a family and as individuals. We have good friends, we have a roof over our  heads, we live in a wonderful country where we are free, and we are all allowed to dream.

I hope and wish for all of you that you have a wonderful and prosperous new year filled with more blessings than sorrows, more victories than failures and more friends than enemies.


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