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Jingle Bell Juggling of Priorities December 8, 2009

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The week did start off with a not so nice start–never a good time to hear yucky news. But this is a part of life. We don’t get to write happy endings in the real world. Perhaps that is why I like writing fiction–I get to be Supreme Ruler of my Mini Universe. And the good guys and gals always win in the end.


But despite ick news and the upcoming chaos, one thing must continue happening. Writing. I know, right?How can I write when I am worried? Well, worrying won’t make the matters facing me about my FIL go away. They’ll overtake and overshadow my life. I have zero control over those events.

I do have control over my response to those events. I do have control over what I do with my time now. And I do have control over my glorious obsession and pursuit of my lovely goal. Yesterday’s news was a reminder to me: we only get one shot to live. If we are lucky enough to live in a situation where we are privileged to pursue higher goals like expressing ourselves creatively, then we are indeed blessed.

So–chin up and first things first. I called my darling FIL–he’s in good spirits. We had a “man that was a crappy week for you talk” and discussed an upcoming visit before Christmas (on the road again). That’s all I can do there–let him know we love him.

Second on the list, call my CP in AL and discuss our goals, the market, publishing, our writing direction and her quick thoughts about my first 29 pages (editing for MAGGIES and other contests). Then after far too long a talk for her as she had to get ready for a lunch (but oh it is wonderful to talk about writing), I started in on the current WIP. Organizing my next few scenes and chapters, clipping them together, slashing words, making notes about cuts and more. Now I have something to input into the computer tomorrow.

The goal for this month is “flexible writing.” And that’s all I can ask of myself. This isn’t the time to go nuts and start a massive new project. Nope. It’s about keeping the peeps in my head, tossing around ideas and working slowly toward the new year. Do I beat myself over the head if I don’t manage to write at all? Nope? The goal is an hour a day. Some days might lead to more hours, others not any at all. But by January 1, I will be ahead of the game because I gave myself permission to follow my “a little is better than none at all” rule.

Try it. I learned how to write in a box when I went through a massive move over a year ago. I learned to take fifteen minutes here and there–I learned to stop to read ahead and edit hard copy. I learned to go back and input my changes and make notes about the story.

Sometimes when crazy happens, order can be imposed. Now I know the direction, tho’ not all the scenes of this current WIP. I know I need to do some research, but it doesn’t have to happen now. And best of all, I know I have renewed my focus for the upcoming year.

I’m excited about the new direction and about my mini list of goals that are building in my head. Oh, the fun I’ll have creating my spreadsheet for 2010. Best of all, I get to reflect and review over all the accomplishments and goals attained in 2009. Wow, I can’t wait.

This is why it is vital to keep going–when you can–during high seasons and times when life just isn’t cooperating. You will slowly plod along and get through the muck and the fireworks. And you know, sometimes it is good to slow down and move the great conductor’s rhythm. Surrender to the flow you are in–work with it–think of it like a rip tide. Don’t fight it, float out with the pulling waters, and then ease back to shore.

And here’s the best part, by writing even a little today, I managed to feel good about that goal. And I managed to feel no remorse about putting the valuable time into being a DIL, a mom shopping for Christmas, a wife comforting her husband, and a woman taking care of herself.


2 Responses to “Jingle Bell Juggling of Priorities”

  1. Martha W Says:

    You got it, right! Little bits get the whole thing done…

  2. Christine Says:

    Good Morning Martha! Love your new colors and scheme on the blog. Very Christmassy. Today's goals? Wrap my DD's 12 Days of Christmas presents, write and read last two YA entries I'm judging. Whew. Oh, forgot. Shop for Christmas–woohoo….

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