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Break Time November 7, 2009

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I wish the title of this blog meant a brain break.
Today I had set aside 6 hours to hash out the WIP for the GH. Oh, the words were a flowin’, and the story was unfoldin’ nicely. I was in my workout clothes, taking only 10 min breaks and humming along. Oh. Life. Was. Good.
Then the phone rang. ****Public Schools. DD on the phone. “I’m okay.”
Now in our house, that means she doesn’t have a broken neck and she’s not in the hospital. Yet.
She is not “okay.”
I wish I could say I was a wonderful, understanding and loving mom in this moment.
I wasn’t.
Nope. I have a GH POS WIP to whip into shape. I have less time to finish it due to planned and unplanned travels.
I say, “Can you walk?”
“I think so”
I answer, “Good, cause I am still smelly and haven’t brushed my teeth (it is noon). Will you last till Monday if necessary?”
“I’ll call you back,” she replies.
I return to writing (I am a POS mom, right?).
She calls back, “Mom, I think you should get me at 12:45.”
“OK,” say I. This gives me time to shower and brush my teeth (did I mention how one of the perks of editing a GH entry is not wearing makeup?).
I hang up. I glance at my computer. I wonder, make up or computer bag and pages ready to roll. I choose door number 2. Who cares if I am ugly? Not I! I have a POS to makeover.
I call Dr. and beg for a fit in appt. I shower. I dress. I pack computer bag. I drive to HS. I fetch daughter. I drive to dr. I throw in three other problems we’ve put off due to GH so we can maximize our time. DD gets to ride in wheelchair (they know her well). I type on laptop while waiting with her (am approaching a sex scene–weird to type in dr. lab room). We xray, we set up lab work, we do lab work, we go get script, we drive home.
I write again.


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