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Let Hacking Begin November 6, 2009

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Today I worked my tush off and put in a lot of time on the story. I reread the first pages, made a ton of notes about the S/L and where to switch things over. I have a lot of “move to A/B/C etc.” notes all over the place. Entire scenes are being cut, dissected and moved. Bits and pieces are diced and sliced and reinserted.

First after all that reading got accomplished? I worked on my new opening. It took A LONG TIME. Pretty much worked for 2 hours on 5 pages. But I have a much better start. It’s not perfect, but it is faster, more interesting, and the writing is decent. 
You know what I mean by decent? Yeah. Quotation marks in the proper places, nice body tags, and a balance between white and dark space.
Now I have to manage that throughout the next 45 pages. And I better up my pace LOL or I will be writing this dang book till, oh, let’s see, 2011 give or take a year. No. It’ll get better. I’ll get the flow going on again. 
It’s all in the where I write–for now it’s at the kitchen table with all my pages spread out and all the notes all over the place. It’s like seek, find, redo, and redo. I also find I must go from Scrivener to Word to work more efficiently. But this all requires lots of space for me to spread out.
But all this will be worth it when I finally finish. And I will finish.

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