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Revision Hell October 21, 2009

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I got a request for another full from an agent yesterday so I sent that out this morning with my synopsis. Woot. Now it is like a numbers game to me. Just fulfilling that mission was good. I stick to my CP’s sage advice: pitch and query only completed MS when you are ready. Otherwise you’ll be scrambling.

And scrambling I am with this fourth MS. OMG… how awful can this writing be and why did I pitch it a the M&M and OMG a partial is requested????
Well, I have no one to blame but myself. My only salvation is that the agent who requested it is behind and still hasn’t read my full for the third MS (also requested). I figure I can be a bit late.
But I have my standards. I want this ready. And I want to start my fifth MS first draft in the new year.
I set a lot of high goals. It helps me continue my self-delusional life.
I await my ALPHA SMART to help in leading this rich life of self- delusion. I already know it is good for first draft, scene writing. Not revisions. Yeah. I like first drafts. Revisions? Well talk to me later… remember the nail gun?
At any rate, I am on my way. I am continuing to write and work toward streamlining my efficiency.
Stay tuned.

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