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9/11 My Memory September 12, 2009

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I was there… in D.C. Fairfax, VA. I was expecting a love seat delivery. My husband called me on the way to work to tell me about the strange “missile” and to turn on the TV and watch. I did.

Two big burly guys came to deliver my couch.
We watched the 2nd plane go into the second tower, live. Me and two large men who’d never met each other and had nothing in common other than the delivery. We were stunned. Cried. Worried. And we were bonded.
I called my church; pray I said. Pray cause two planes are still out there. My husband saw the plume of black smoke rising out out of the Pentagon’s hit. The other plane crashed and spared more lives… but so many lives lost.
It took my darling husband 3 hours to get home. I ironed. I prayed. I knew my daughter, a second grader at the time, would be safer at school than at home. I continued to iron.
Ironing out wrinkles of pain, wrinkles of worry, wrinkles of anger, wrinkles of agony.
I ironed hard. I prayed hard. I hoped hard.
I cried hard.
My DH finally arrived home. We picked up our darling daughter at the bus stop. We sat on the deck and listened. To nothing. No planes overhead. Phone calls. Brother calling. Our lives have changed forever.
We circulated in the neighborhood. We created bonds. We were a family of Americans in a diverse land.
I’ll never forget.
This day will always, forever, be my memory.

3 Responses to “9/11 My Memory”

  1. What a heart wrenching day that was. One that we will never forget. The heroism and compassion our country was forced to show was beyond imaginable. The lives lost devastating. To think that one event, in one day, inspired fear, anger, pain, hope, strength and love.

  2. Christine Says:

    Tina: I spent the day hiding from the memory–we were at ground zero. The hole in the Pentagon was a direct view from my husband's office window. One slip left or right… the thought brings a shudder to me even now. That day was one that inspired all you speak off for us. Perhaps some of my strongest bonds in DC were made that day.But we had so much more to contend with: shelter in place and a sniper when my Darling Daughter was in third grade. I had to send my DD to school knowing a biological or chemical weapon might kill her in her "learning cottage (trailer)." I had to hide school children behind a hill for fear a crazy sniper would randomly shoot them. All this… but out of it, the knowledge that we were strong and that the spirit that brought this nation into freedom still existed. USA Rocks

  3. C-You've said it all so beautifully…and forgetting this day or the lives lost… will never happen.911 was a day that changed us all and the world forever.Hugs – Hawk Stop by sometime this week, I've got something for you.

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