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Tired but Progressing September 10, 2009

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I am sleep deprived… insomnia and worries and silly life stuff keeping my head reeling and unable to shut down. This morning was the most difficult. Had gone to sleep at 11PM and up at 3:30AM–no more rest for me. But after and hour plus of frustration, I got up and went to my office to write.

I managed to knock out my two scenes and finished the first pass through of the first three chapters (much more must be layered in re: details), but the story is getting underway and I feel good about the new direction it’s going. Actually it only needed a career change (haha).
Now I am catching up on my homework for my SEX BETWEEN THE PAGES on-line workshop with Mary Buckham. I am not reading the new lecture (eyes too tired) or attempting to finish the second homework assignment, but I am digesting info. And I learned I am a vocally unaware lady.
I can talk, but I tend to tune out noise as I am overwhelmed by the hum and buzz.
And that’s something I need to address. And become more aware of–yikes. And I need to layer the emotional reactions to the voices and tonality of my characters.
But we all have strengths and weaknesses. I can write to my strengths, and I will learn to improve upon my weaknesses.
Onward Ho!

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