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Cleaning House, Office and Mind August 31, 2009

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I am allergic to clutter. Not just paper and cups and dishes and clothes strewn about the house. No, I am allergic to mental clutter. So before I start a project I have to perform a “clean sweep.” And that’s what today was all about. I cleaned and organized my life, my in-box (well it’s always full when it comes to family stuff), and I organized my writing office. FUN.

I have yet to rid myself of LOVE BUILDS A CHANCE. My first MS. I did toss the contest entries (thanks to those very kind judges five years ago who ignored all my super glaring writing mistakes other than to point out how to improve them… and gave me encouraging words!), but there’s a part of me that still believes there’s a HQN Super Romance in that ms… I just need the housing industry to pick up again LOL.
I loved going through all my recent lessons and workshops; organizing them and putting them in my binders (did I mention I am “slightly OCD?”), and tossing unnecessary papers. I know, it’s not every one’s orgasmic experience, but I love getting all my little ducks in a row. And then my brain starts to relax again. Oh, what a thrill to wrap rubber bands around old manuscripts and tuck them away. I get shivery putting holes in my papers and popping them into my binders. And don’t even get me started about PLEDGE. I love DUSTING. Okay, I love ironing, too. I know–weird. But there is something cool about ironing out wrinkles and making everything crisp.
I like a crisp, wrinkle-free start.
And that means I have to RID MYSELF OF MENTAL CLUTTER. Seriously–mental clutter is my greatest enemy. First the outside, manageable clutter. That’s EASY. But mental blechiness requires serious sweeping.
That means no more negative waves–only positive waves. I’ve been dealing with some negativity regarding my neighborhood–blah–I’ve done all I can as an 8 on the Enneagram Personality Index and now it IS UP TO THE UNIVERSE. And I have listened to wise people, helped others in worse plights than me, and NOW it IS UP TO THE UNIVERSE. If I say it, I own it.
I also try to focus on positive people and energy.
That means not discussing the negativity. That means hanging out with people who want to write and be positive, and that means only initiating positive comments when presented by the negative.
Oh, goodie, I am good at being self-delusional!
Now I can write again… and you know, the most amazing cool thing happened when I released and de-cluttered my mind of the negativity.
Stay tuned for more about that…
I am like a serial romance thriller soap opera…


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