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The RWA Shopping Calvary has Arrived! July 2, 2009

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I have been dreading one aspect of my conference. No, not the pitch. Well, yeah, a little. But I think I will be okay because I love people and I am excited about both my stories.

No. The one thing has been the CLOTHES. I haven’t worked outside the home since my daughter was born 14, almost 15 years ago! Sure, I have CUTE stuff, and a few dressy things, but mostly I have easy to wear clothes, jeans, old t-shirts, and summer tank tops.
I have a few pieces… and some amazing shoes, and I have a GREAT GH/Rita night outfit, but no “business casual clothes” that are all pulled together.
Enter my dear friend who is visiting from TX. She works as a math teacher, a consultant and she is a shopper extraordinaire. She kindly checked out my ideas for clothes, my shoes, and my very small jewelry collection. And now she is taking me to the shops to buy what I need to round out my clothes.
First of all, I inadvertently bought a pair of expensive, sassy black shoes that are designer and I didn’t know it… pathetic, but I know what I like, and I like cool/cute shoes. But I am cheap. I got them at T.J. Maxx! For like $3o at most!! I am pleased. And she loves my GH Dress. I do need a new bra for it, strapless, but that is an easy fix. Any rate, we came away with a list and what to bring to Birmingham for when I shop.
After she helps me shop, I am so buying her lunch! I needed her help. And I knew she’d help me. She’s a good friend and I’ve known her for 20 years (which blows my mind when I think about the time flying by!!). She’s always known clothes and accessories. I love her for all her kindness and true style. She knows how to pull it all together.
And she listened to my pitch and she LOVES THEM BOTH. Whew!! I am so stoked!

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