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Pitch Panic June 19, 2009

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Well it’s all in. I have my pitching appointments and now I must sit down and prepare my two pitches, my elevator pitches, and my head-to-head pitches.

Yikes. When? This is the weirdest writing time of year for me. Summertime is usually a time of year when I notch down my writing. This year I have a child underfoot, company coming in about two weeks, and I have travel myself (part of it is the National Conference). I can WRITE the pitches, but when can I practice them?
Yesterday I drove to Chattanooga with Darling Daughter and we practiced the first part of my pitch at a restaurant. The GMC of my characters as well as the high concept/hook. I’ll start filling in the gaps today. I want to have a pitch ready to practice by Monday at the latest. I want to have both pitches ready by Friday. 
On Saturday I go to the Southern Magic Meeting. Kelly St. John is leading a pitching workshop. I want to be prepared with my two main pitches and a catchy elevator pitch for each one as well. Hopefully, I’ll be able to refine the pitches at the workshop and have more to practice the week of the 29th
My DD goes to camp on the 29th. My company arrives on July 1st and stays a week. I am glad to see my friend, but I hope she doesn’t mind it if I practice my pitches on her!! I pick up my DD from camp on the 3rd. We drive my friend to Birmingham on the 8th. I may spend the night. 
We leave for DC on the 11th! I can practice my pitch in the car, in the hotel, and on my writing friends. 
Today I have a doctor’s appointment. I hope it doesn’t throw me off my game. I am going to Staples after I’m done. I’ll pick up my index card box and different colored index cards for my pitches. I’ll buy Avery labels as well to print out my one liner hooks. Must order business cards and postcards for the conference and for querying. Will do that tomorrow. They usually arrive in about a week.
I hope I can focus on this task–it’s so important. And when I am afraid I will fail, well then it’s easier to fail if I didn’t prepare properly. I can blame the lack of prep rather than the quality of my work.
Must overcome that tendency. Must do it now.

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