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Break or Bust? June 9, 2009

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I’ve been busy catching up on chores and friends this week. First the chores: house cleaned top to bottom–highly necessary tho’ hardly a reward for hard work on my book. Hence, part deux of my break is getting to chat for a long time on the phone with my friends without worrying about it taking away writing time. And today I am going to meet one of them for lunch–that’s a nice reward. Tomorrow, my friends from VA are arriving and they stay for 3 days. I’m looking forward to seeing them again. And over the weekend, I get to see my HEART OF DIXIE writing pals, learn to pitch, and that evening I am attending a surprise birthday party. Woot!
I also managed to do little odds and ends. Like hooking up with DonorsChoose
–an organization that donates money to help schools directly linked with military families. What a lovely way to support our troops! And to promote education is a positive thing as well.
And I wrote and emailed my letter asking an editor to judge our LINDA HOWARD AWARD of EXCELLENCE contest for SOUTHERN MAGIC.
I’m holding back from starting my 4th MS read through and first revision until next Monday. It’s hard, but I want to give my brain a break, and I want to work on some business stuff. I want to order my business cards for the conference with my pseudonym and I want to start building my web page. Then I can stream my blog into it, and my FaceBook for my writing name. Woot!

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