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A Very Long Long Long Day June 5, 2009

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Chapter 16–I knew it would be rough, very rough. And I was oh so very right. I spent a good portion of 8 hours working on one scene. Then I fried and had to finish the second scene. Painful! 

But the good news is I had an epiphany about where the story needed to go next–the bad news is it means completely reworking the NEXT SCENE! Argh!! But I think it will be okay. Then I’ll incorporate some of the second to last scene into the last scene and hopefully I won’t lose too many of my words (though some of them need snipping). 
Oh lord, I like the direction this is going, but I am so tired of it as well. When I am done, I am going to read through the last 5 chapters and rework them one more time based on where these two people are telling me to go now. God, will the next book be any easier?????? Probably not. But I do hope it is faster. 
Now it’s time to decompress, relax, look at other postings–and I realized I’ll have to rework my synopsis for querying based on the revised ending. Blah again. But isn’t that the truth for all books out there?

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