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One Po-Chapter–Two May 20, 2009

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OMG… I am working my way through the book… again… it is so hard.  But so far I have my chapters written as per my goal and I am adding to it… must keep moving forward… 

Yesterday I knocked out another chapter. The goal is one per writing day. I am itchy to finish this book. I don’t want to get bogged down again. And I MUST finish it again before summer hits. I have company coming on the 30th for two days. Then I have a solid two weeks to write as my darling daughter is in summer school taking a computer applications *required state education elective* from 8AM to 4PM. Poor thing, but lucky me!
At the end of June, I have company coming for 1 week. I hope to write an hour a day while she is here. Then we’re off and running to DC–aahh! My editor and agent appointments loom.
Must hone the pitch — must hone the pitch –must finish revision for the zillionth time.


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