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Chauffeur Cap On May 13, 2009

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I had the Maggie contest entry ready to shoot out the door, but I knew I had to copy it first. And I had to get my darling daughter from school and haul her to the eye doctor to fetch her new contacts. So I decided to grab her, take her to the eye doctor and then haul her for lunch and then copy the Maggie. 

Eye doctor took over an hour–one contact perfect. The other not… I see another trip soon. Let’s hope it is the last one for a while.
Off in the torrential downpour we drive to lunch. I am thinking we have oodles of time. We arrive at our lunch destination. She informs me voice auditions are at 2PM. Hmmm… I still have to buy 3 garment bags for dance recital, and copy 3 copies of Maggie for the contest before I return her. It is 1PM. Hmmmm indeed.
We wolf down lunch. We get to Bed Bath and Beyond. We buy three garment bags (recitals are not cheap–so far I’ve spent over $200 on costumes, over $100 on fees, $85 on extra tights, $150 on photos of beautiful daughter in dance costumes, $25 on garment bags, and $25 on makeup…  God forbid she go to competition).
After BB&B, we head to Kinko’s and FedX to copy my Maggie entry. After I copied my pages, darling daughter caught a problem on page one with a comma. Argh. But TG cause I didn’t have it formatted correctly. What is it about me and contest entries? I always miss something.
I head back to her school and she is in the building before 2PM. A miracle. Except on the way home I realize she does not have her Powder Puff workout clothes with her. I silently pray for rain to intervene again and make a valiant effort to work on my next contest entry: Reveal Your Inner Vixen. Well all goes well for a bit till darling husband comes home to change in to shorts for a golf game and he must tell me about where the latest tornado hit and how lucky we were–I do not care as I am reworking a love scene–for the zillionth time. Argh again. He leaves at the 4th argh with hurt feelings. I am not repentant.
3:30Pm arrives. No rain. I get text–please bring my powder puff clothes–darn it! I hop in the Escape and field a phone call about a surprise party for a friend while driving through the KISS AND RIDE LINE OF HELL to get my DD’s clothes to her. I drop of clothes and learn she has been accepted into a great choir due to audition. Now the 10th Grade schedule needs tweaking again. Yay!
I am on my way home to try to work for another hour–problems with Maggie–entry form from 2008… fortunately easy to fix due to amazing and nice coordinator–bless her! Then I get text while working on next contest entry–oh my can you fetch me at 4:30 instead of 5pm?
Okay. I get drop work, drive back to school, fetch DD and learn we must go to the mall to get T-shirt for PP football game air painted with her name and number (it is like living with a low income worker–money flows out of my wallet constantly). We drive straight to the mall. We set up T-shirt air brush for $18. Then we go buy shorts for powder puff ($28) and bike shorts for voice recital so she can do a high kick and not shock grannies ($25), and we buy cool knee high socks ($7) for her game. 
We go home. DH not back from golf. I am folding towels while DD studies for amazingly tough English Honors exam which even the brainiest guy in school only got a 90% on. I prep dinner–yeah chicken marsala sans mushrooms, and baked rice pilaf. DH arrives home. We keep him quiet. We eat at some point. Studying still going on…
Tomorrow I get to go to the mall and pick up the air brushed shirt. After that I go to school and get DD from PP practice, drive to some junk food place to give her dinner, and then off to dance rehearsal. Oh, and after that, we head immediately to the voice recital rehearsal–too much going on and not enough time to do it!
Oh, I can’t wait for the school year to end!

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