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Writing Interuptus May 12, 2009

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There comes a time in every mom’s life where writing takes a second seat: the school year drawing to a close. More things are happening now than ever. My DD is in two recitals, voice and dance, this upcoming weekend. Driving all over hill and dale for her to get to the venues for rehearsals and the subsequent recitals. She’s also in a Powder Puff football game on Friday. And I just dropped everything to attend her awards ceremony at her school (she got an all A certificate and was disappointed she didn’t get in the top 10 GPA group–well–wonder where she got that from? I understand her frustration and disappointment–but she’ll bear up she always does — learned from the queen of loss to just keep on pluggin‘ along).

Meanwhile, back at the writing ranch, I am preparing for the Georgia Romance Writers Maggies contest. It’s printed out, and ready to copy and mail. But I have to pick up DD for a contact lens appointment at the eye doctor at 11:30AM and then lunch afterward (to share how much I know it truly sucks to be “close but no cigar” in life and bolster her spirits). Then we’ll copy the Maggie entry together and I’ll haul her back to school. 
I also spent time today finding a love scene for the Reveal Your Inner Vixen contest run by the Maryland Romance Writers Chapter. I will be entering that one via email so that’s easier. I will prep that one up and revise it for my own revision as well as send it in by end of the week.
But meanwhile I have the chimney appointment–oops–same time as planned lunch. Well, we’ll pick up lunch and eat at home and then I’ll bring my DD back to school so she can sing and practice for Powder Puff. 
Thursday I have to take DD to dance and then to voice rehearsal. Friday she has voice and dance rehearsal… Saturday more of the same… Sunday more of the same…
Always something happening during the last two weeks of school and the events always break up my day causing writing interuptus.
I must learn to surrender to this madness and just let it ride.

2 Responses to “Writing Interuptus”

  1. Kasaka Says:

    Congratulations to Mallory! What a great girl, that she adjusted to a new environment so quickly and well! You’re rightfully happy for her and proud of her!

  2. Christine Says:

    Yes, she is very happy–what an easy transition. I have to say, I was amazed at all the A students (at least 30) and A/B honor students (at least 50) at her 9th Grade Awards (roughly 1/3 or more in the honor roll!)… this area is very competitive… nothing politically correct either. It was totally based on stats. No consolation prizes here…

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