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A New Week and A New Focus May 4, 2009

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I worked on my synopsis today. And I tried to import my MS’s first two chapters to Word… mmm not working easily… but managed. Do not like formating stuff at all on either program. 

Meanwhile I tightened my synopsis. And I printed out my query (queries).  Now I have a great EC book downloaded. But so much more work to do.
I shipped off the first two chapters for input in what to add for an EC submission. I got great input from the author and she encouraged me to shoot for BLAZE first. Wow… how generous. I am amazed at the kindness of other writers. I truly am.
I shipped off my synopsis to my CP in Fairfax, and she LIKED IT. Minor edits. Wow again! Thank you Kira for the craft corner — it helped!
I am waiting to hear about the query from my other CP. A bit concerned about tense. But other than that, feel good about the whole package.
And I have my iPhone synced with my MAC as of today–yay!!!
A productive two days!!

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