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Derailed by Health Issues April 16, 2009

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Well on Monday I had stupid sebaceous cyst removed and it hurt like the dickens. Now the medication and the general discomfort, plus the knowledge that I am getting the dressing changed and it will hurt again today is weighing me down. I am not accomplishing anything except reading about writing, slight revisions, and learning to use Scrivener. Yesterday I didn’t even do scrivener. Today I plan to do it a bit in the afternoon, but I am frustrated by the fact that the stupid printer won’t allow me to print from the front tray due to the computer change. And I have read the manual on line, managed to figure it out twice, but haven’t figured out how to make that default setting. So it is a huge pain. And then my CP has graciously sent me more pages with comments but for some reason all the comments are at the back of the story instead of woven throughout the story. ARGH.

I’ve got the third MS inputed. I know I need to work on a query and a synopsis as well. But I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it. I think I will use a craft corner lesson on the bloody thing to get me started next Monday. I’ll revise in the AM, do synopsis and query in the PM. Some of the places I am targeting don’t require the first three chapters so I will send to them first. Meanwhile, hi ho hi ho… it’s off to the doctor I go for my torture time.


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