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In Limbo- April 4, 2009

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I am waiting to move forward on my MS because I have a CP who will send me her critique next week. I don’t want to make any global changes until I read the rest of her comments. She and I have agreed on about 90-95% of the issues I want to address so I value her judgment tremendously.

While I wait I’ve spent time fritzing around with the following activities:

*checking out my rewards program with Am Ex
*cleaning house (true desperation)
*finishing up my character workshop with April Kihlstrom
*looking for cool tag lines for my non-existent website and future professional business cards
*calling my friends
*reading blogs
*reading FB comments
*cooking for other people
*writing my own blog
*planning a baby shower
*wishing I had more local writing friends
*hanging out on my veranda and sipping wine

I am getting very bored with all this and want to get back to work soon!!

But I will–I will–


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