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Procrastination Anyone April 3, 2009

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Well I guess the wind blew out of my sails pretty hard when I didn’t final in the GH. I’ve blown air into them a few times and managed to read through the MS, and work on my character workshop. Other than that, I’ve spent the majority of my time trolling through blogs, playing on facebook, reading taglines on websites, planning business cards, and fritzing around.

I simply haven’t been focused.

I know that it is okay. That down time is fine as long as I inject some effort into the actual process of writing. But I am in a bit of a limbo as I am waiting to hear back from my CP about the last 80 pages of the book and I am in a class in which I have only focused on one character.

What to do about it?

I think I will impose the timer rule.

1 hour on writing and half an hour off for the rest of the day until 4pm. I have company coming for dinner, the usual household chores and cleaning to do, baking, and more that I want to accomplish. The writing will be my work, the other stuff my “break.”

This will be in place till Monday. Then I will have to start working on the global fixes in my book.


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