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Read Through Blahs March 31, 2009

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Well I started reading through the third MS and BLAH BLAH it is sooo good in places, but the first 25 pages have been tweaked so often, I can’t see the forest for the trees. I am not stopping to edit, but following April Kihlstrom’s advice and going all the way to the end, making notes about global changes and catching small edits along the way. My writing buddy sent back 106 pages with great critiqe so I am incorporating her thoughts as well.

I have figured out how to get the hero and heroine together without him coming off as sleazy or as a rutting deer — and I think making that fix will go a long way to helping me recover the proper pacing for the story. The first chapter is way to choppy… probably because I’ve hacked it to bit sooo many times for contests to fit page counts etc.

LESSON LEARNED. Different cuts for contest and no using contest cuts in revisions!!

Now, a quick check on the other blogs I follow and hi ho hi ho it’s back to slogging through the manuscript I go….


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