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Guess I’ll Just Read About Writing this Week… March 5, 2009

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Last night my daughter puked all over the bathroom–literally. Argh. And I had cleaned it yesterday. This is why I shouldn’t clean house. Any rate, my DH believes it might be food poisoning. She threw up on the hour for 3 hours, then stopped. No fever. But in the meantime, she is on an antibiotic and this is one of the sideeffects… grrr. But DH had some tummy trouble as well and as I am not sick, I guess it’s their lunch meat or the lettuce on it that did them in.

And it’s Science Fair today! And she’s in it. Regionals. Argh again.

Now I have to chaperone/drive the other kids, check on her, see if she can make the judging phase of the fair, make a dr. appt. to follow up on the antibiotic (cause I am NOT giving her this one anymore), and get a doctor’s note for the schools (only 5 parental excuses allowed — triple argh).

So life is just hijacking me left and right and it is driving me batty. I have a dumb form I have to fill out for determining if I am eligible for regaining my Dutch citizenship and I have no idea about 80 percent of the info as my dad is gone and my mom is, well, a NUT, who I avoid like the plague. And I and I and I…

No this isn’t about writing. It’s about life when you want to write and can’t.

Yesterday I managed to read a bit in my RWA Report magazines and jotted down info about publishers. I think I may have to go the e-publisher route as it is virtually impossible to get my foot in the door via print. But I want print. But my books are very erotic and that might turn them off. I don’t know what to do. I have plot. I have story. I have characters. I KNOW how to SHOW not tell. I am a decent writer. But when when when… ????

I know when I get back from Disney after spring break, I’ll be writing/revising at breakneck speed just in case the Writing Gods have mercy on me and I final with the infamous “kiss scene.” I’m half way tempted to send it as is to Ellora’s Cave and see if they find it as revolting. I didn’t think it was bad. Argh argh.

I must learn to listen to my own voices in my head. I am listening to them from now on.

Writing is easy compared to trying to publish it.


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