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Edging Toward Book In A Week/BIAW February 10, 2009

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Well I am on Tuesday before the big writing week starts. We officially start on Saturday, but that’s Valentine’s Day and I have a HOD meeting that I want to attend. I figure the most I can write is about an hour or two in the morning. But it’s better than nothing. I am also writing Sunday for two hours. Then I’ll put the big push in the Monday – Friday of next week. I have about 14,000 words inputed into my scene/sequel pages. That means technically I have 36,000 to go. I plan to add to that a bit this week, but just in case, that means 6,000 per day over 6 days. I think I can handle that fine. It’s 6 scenes a day. hahahah time for a hysterical laugh.

I just heard back from my writing buddy re: my third book and she agrees with the judges about the “kiss” scene. It’s too bad it’s early in the book as that is the only stumbling block to finaling. The rest of the writing is much better, tighter and well-paced. But that’s how we grow as writers. We had a good chat this morning about it and I feel ready to fix it in March. Last 50 pages will be tackled first. Then I’ll go into the heart of the book.

Meanwhile, back in France… I wish… but I do have a lot I want to accomplish and top on the list is getting the queries out there. I’m tackling that tomorrow.

Today I am reading through my lessons, adding new brainstorming ideas to the scenes and playing around with the story in general. I’ll keep plodding along and eventually it will get done.

Now, back to the writing trenches.


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