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Another Free Day January 27, 2009

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Well this is so much fun! I actually had time to hunt down my info for the PRO pin so I got that taken care of today. I registered from the RWA Conference today as well. I am so very excited. It’ll be July 15-18… can’t wait to soak in the atmosphere!!

Best of all — it is FOR ME. What a wonderful reward to give myself for all my hard work these past few months. And I know I will be working super hard in the months that lay ahead of me.

For now, I am rather enjoying the easy assignments, letting my brain rest and be organic with the BIAW course I am taking. I haven’t got a lot to write about other than my heroine and a seedling of an idea, but I feel I will be more ready to write about her and him and the story in 3 weeks.

Today we did an assignment where we listed strengths, successes, and 20-30 things that make us smile.

I realized I am persistent, focused, and organized–self-discipline is my middle name. I believe I have what it takes to write and finish a book after writing and finishing three of them. Now I have to believe, based on the success of my hard work in the past, that I will sell one. It’s a matter of WHEN, not if, for me.

Meanwhile, it’s nice to call friends long-distance and catch up on much needed household chores.


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