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Oh My How Worry Distracts January 18, 2009

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My daughter is on a bus going to DC for the Inauguration. They left last night at 5:30PM. They were supposed to arrive in the DC area this morning. They are still on the road due to ice, bad roads, a 6 hour pull over and a major wreck.

They will be lucky to get there by 6pm tonight. The day is in tatters for these middle school/high school students. They had a tour of the capital planned… gone… tour of Union Station… gone… tour of the WW2 Memorial… gone… and they are still stuck on a bus for at least 6 more or longer hours…

Meanwhile, the juice on her phone is gone… so we have no way of keeping up with her. As of 10:30 we have operated in the dark. I just pray she gets there with her group safe and sound.

Tomorrow I hope they have a great day. I could care less if they see the inauguration at this point. They should tour what they missed seeing today and skip being cold. But they will probably go to the inauguration.

I feel so bad for them. And it is hard to write when I am worrying about all those chicks and how rotten they must be feeling right now!

But maybe, if I get some energy up, I will start the next scene and tackle it. My goal is to finish by Friday afternoon — at the latest.


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