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I Brought the Computer with Me and I am Happy I Did! January 10, 2009

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Well I decided to bring my computer with me at the last minute. Boy am I ever glad I did! I wrote a bit at the airport while waiting for my plane to fly me off to D.C. Then I wrote this morning at the orthodontist’s office and managed to finish a scene and start the transition onto the next scene. I was supposed to go out tonight, but that got canceled and I have my friend’s house entirely to myself (not totally–a dog and 3 cats will be joining me), so I am free to fritz on the computer to my heart’s content. Yay!! I am so happy I brought it with me.

I have one scene to work on and brought the hard copy with me so I could work on it. I will be finished it (I hope) by the time I return to my home on Sunday afternoon. Then I will be ready to move forward to the next scene by Monday.

Now, I am cautiously edging toward the climax of the book. And I am trying not to freak out as I have to rewrite it and make it tighter and less dark. I also have to write at least two additional scenes or rewrite some scenes in the later half of the book. Technically, I have 10,000 words to write. But it’s probably more. I have cut that many from the draft and saved them in another document. They’re probably useless, but one never knows. Some of them are scene skeleton stuff so not really ever intended for the “draft.” But the story is coming together.

I am so anxious to get it done! And I just read another article by an author who writes 3 – 4 books a year. This is where I want to be. I don’t want to be tinkering with the old books forever! I have new ideas and fun stuff to try as a writer. Plus I have grown in my craft so I need to utilize that knowledge and move forward. The ultimate for me would be to have 4th book done, revise 2nd book, sit on 3rd book and market it as well as enter it into contests. I’d like to start my 5th book as well this year. It would be so AWESOME to have 6 under my belt by 2010. But I have to be realistic. 5 might happen.

How? Book in a Week. I am taking the course for the first time and I hope to knock out a first draft by end of fourth week. I hope it works out for me. If the technique works, then I will utilize it for the series I plan to work on for the Young Adult market. Man, if I can tap into that market and hook a bunch of teen girls, I am SET!

Now to reading about writing… oh, I am so glad I brought this with me.


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