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Busy Day and Busy Weekend January 8, 2009

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I am going to lose 3 days of writing this weekend and it’s making me crazy. Today I may squeeze out an hour to two hours at most because I am getting ready for a trip to Fairfax and I am refinancing my house. Argh. Stupid house and stupid packing!!

I am meeting a writing person at 10 which I am looking forward to doing — Starbucks! I haven’t been to this one yet. It’s not on my “path” but it’ll be nice to revisit a familiar haunt.

I am on page 142 of my MS. I have a lot of writing left to do. Approximately 10,000 words to go and a difficult rewrite of the climax. The first climax is WAY TO DARK. That’s what I get for having a Romantic Suspense author critiquing my original draft. She’s an excellent writer, but way to dark for Blaze books. Any rate, I am DREADING the climax. Hopefully I will be close to that next week and I’ll make it through okay.

I have 2 weeks after this to write 10,000 words. I have to do it. I want to do it. I cannot fool around on this. On January 26 I start BIAW and that is an intensive class that I want to focus my sole attention on for the month of February. I hope to get the fourth book done by then (at least the first draft).

Well off to clean house and get a little exercise before the day really starts.


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