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Happy New Year! January 1, 2009

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I am so excited for this year to begin and to roll forward. There is so much I wish to accomplish and do as a writer, mom, and wife. Life is golden. We are so blessed. Today I am still cleaning up from the party last night, but I am eager to get my calendar going and my life organized for a full and productive 2009.

I have so many goals and resolutions. Some are personal and some are about writing. But here are a few:

*get PRO status and pin
*finish revision
*start book 4
*continue taking classes to improve my writing
*market book 3
*revise book 2
*enter more contests
*enter Golden Heart
*go to RWA National Conference in DC this July
*go to more monthly writing meetings
*sell a book, this book, by end of 2009


*workout more
*eat more healthily
*start a ladies night here once a month
*explore more
*hang out with edifying people
*make my marriage stronger
*let my daughter fly, while I provide safe haven on the ground
*get the triple passports
*find a dentist I trust
*find a female doctor I trust

HAPPY 2009!!


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